Right as Rain

Right as Rain

Doctor Ramanujan demonstrates why de-fragging isn’t just something that you do to hard drives.

Ever wonder why they don’t run out of ensigns to send into misty caves?  The answer is simple: recycle!  If you have 24th century medicine, death is a bit more of a sliding scale.  The soot left on the wall after your poor ensign is vaporized by a maser blast might well be scaped off and thought of as a “survivor”.  Though would the “survivor”, when revived, be the same person as that ensign?  Haha!  Deeper plots, here I come!

In this case all that seems to have happened was moderate dismemberment and vascular/pulmonary/neurological death.  The regenerated portions are a slightly darker pink on Ecks-Pendible and a brownish-orange on Dhhe D’Mheat.

Oh, and, yes, that’s T’Prong reluctantly accepting the Callosians’ commendation for saving the Callos IV colony.


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