Bonus – The Botany Bay

Bonus – The Botany Bay

Behold: The Botany Bay.  This is where Dhhe D’Mheat and Ecks-Pendible spend their off time.  Ensign D’Mheat in particular loves to tend to the many rare flora that follow our heroes on their journeys across the cosmos.

I’ve been generally disappointed with how arboreta with equivalent functions have appeared in other media.  They generally look like they would be better suited to sharing the earth custom of putt putt with alien ambassadors than allowing crew members to interact meaningfully with autotrophs.

I’ve wanted to depict  something that would recall Captain Nemo’s library/salon/museum aboard the Nautilus.  Perhaps, with a bit more practice, I’ll be able to make one.  This will have to do for now.  Hooray for blue birches!

↓ Transcript
A brightly lit, interior space with many alien plants. A tree with Blue Foliage shares space with a more traditional earth tree. Stars can be seen beyond a number of large windows.

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