The Needs of the Many…

The Needs of the Many…

Sometimes human resources have to be strip-mined.

Here we introduce some more of the main characters of Space-Navy:

Captain T’Prong, who is a…Hephaestian.

What is a Hephaestian, you ask?  They’re strong, smart and stoic.  You might think of them as SPACE elves.  Their blood cells use hemocyanin, so they bleed blue.  And they can only get transfusions from horshoe crabs or other Hephaestians.  They have numerous other qualities that will become apparent as the plot demands.  All these qualities serve to make their breeding with humans laughable.  Their co-habitation with humans, however, is very entertaining.

Commander Nestor, who is a…Gammazoid.

Gammazoids are very human-like, though they are psychic and have all-black pupils/irises, not that you could tell at the current art-level.  They are, otherwise, for all intents and purposes, human; an unthinkable coincidence until the discovery of a long-dead star-faring precursor species cleared it up.

Doctor Ramanujan, who is a Human.

Humans are odd creatures, native to a planet that they don’t share the name of and which they’re constantly focused on the fate of.  “What about Earth?” is a favorite taunt in the parliament of the interstellar entity which the titular Space-Navy serves and protects.


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