Ensign Decker in Traditional Iridian Dress

Ensign Decker in Traditional Iridian Dress

Iridians are a near-extinct species of humanoids native to the Theta Octant who posess significant energy manipulation powers.  The Iridian culture and most of its individuals were destroyed during a brief campaign of genocide waged by the Pensee.


The Iridians, due to their unique energy-manipulation abilities, did not develop much of the technology commensurate with other cultures which reached a similar level of advancement.  Their culture revolved around the refinement of their control over and perception of various forms of energy.  Iridian religious life was ubiquitous and involved an appreciation of existence that has been compared to Earth’s Taoism.

Many dates in Iridian history are inexact due to long periods where the essentialy immortal and invulnerable Iridians chose to interpret time as cyclical instead of linear.

The Irid Conquest

The Irid clan united the planet Iridia in antiquity, naming it after themselves.  Aeons of intermittent warfare and periods of cultural flowering alternated until the cycle was broken by the Iridians’ first contact with life from another star.

Iridian Genocide

It was the misfortune of the Iridians to make their first contact with the Pensee.  When the Pensee were unable to subjugate the Iridians as they had so many others, resulting in significant losses for the Pensee expeditionary fleet, they swiftly drew up alternate plans.  The Pensee saw in the Iridians the greatest threat to their dominance and determined to use their technological superiority to make quick work of them.

During what is sometimes referred to as the “Iridian Eclipse” the Pensee drew one of Iridia’s moons toward Ruh, the iridian sun, and rendered it opaque to neutrinos with a specialized Skew Field.  The Iridians, who derived their energy-manipulation abilities from their neutrinosynthetic metabolism, were rendered powerless and vulnerable.  A brief campaign on the surface of Iridia by Power-Suited Pensee saw the near-extinction of the Iridians.


Iridians posess a heterotrophic metabolism similar to many other sentient organisms as well as an accessory neutrinosynthetic metabolism.  This secondary metabolism grants them energy manipulation abilities when exposed to heavy neutrino flux.  Stars and the occasional supernova are primary sources of neutrinos.  When away from heavy neutrino flux, Iridians are essentially strong humans.  When near powerful neutrino sources, Iridians posess vast abilities.



Upper limit when near a star’s photosphere allows them to survive for brief periods in the photosphere.


Upper limit appears to be relativistic speeds at or near a stellar chromosphere.


Upper record involved the movement of starships with strucural integrity fields relative to one another.  The force exerted in this feat was estimated to be on the order of 5 giganewtons.  Generally unable to exert this due to failure of support structures or objects being lifted.

Energy Projection

Iridian occular tissue is capable of scintilating, flourescing and lasing the resultant light.  Iridians are unable to see while lasing and generally attack with pulses rather than continuous waves.  The wavelength of the lased light is dependant upon incident neutrino flux.  In interstellar space, the resultant beam is infrared and quite harmless.  In stellar orbit, the beams are generally blue-violet and quite destructive.  Near the surface of stars the lased light is in the X-ray or cosmic radiation wavelengths and comparatively harmless to physical objects.

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