NSS Tannhäuser

The NSS Tannhäuser

The NSS Tannhäuser

The NSS Tannhäuser is a Caliban-Class light starship.  It is over 140 years old.  It is currently under the command of its 12th captain on its 40th three-year deep space patrol and discovery mission.


  • Length: 260 meters.
  • Powerplant: Matter/Antimatter Reactor.
  • FTL Drive: 2 x 13.2 Meganesbitt Skew Cadence Reification Coils.  Maximum Skew Factor: 9.1.
  • Relativistic Drive: 2 x 5.73 Petajoule Ion Shock Motors.
  • Maneuvering Thrusters: 540 x 12.4 Megajoule Vernier Thrusters.
  • Armament: 2 x Hadron Torpedo Launchers, 2 x Maser Cannon Steles, 8 x Point Defense Maser Emplacements.



Caliban-Class light cruisers were part of a pilot program to make starships self-repairing.  The first-generation of this technology, installed on the Tannhäuser, means that it is capable of reconstructing itself from fragments as small as a few dozen meters, though reconstruction of that magnitude requires vast amounts of raw materials and more time than the Space Navy is generally willing to allow for use on wrecked ships.

The second and third generations of this technology have been significantly refined and altered in scope.  Auto-repair systems deal with broadly applied light damage well, but generally require sentient intervention to repair heavy damage in an acceptable timeframe.

Transferred Intelligences

Starships in Space-Navy service have a long and proud tradition of assimilating disembodied intelligences for one reason or another.  In her 140 year career the Tannhäuser has had at least 6 and possibly up to 14 disembodied intelligences imprinted on its processing and drive systems.  These intelligences have, at times, proved useful in combating malicious cyber-indwellings.

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