A Caliban-Class Starship fires its Masers.

A Caliban-Class Starship fires its Maser Arrays.

Masers are the primary type of energy weapon used by the United Stellar Commonwealth.  They are light-speed, line-of-sight weapons capable of several different modes.  Masers are used both as hand-weapons and a ship-mounted relativistic assault batteries.


Maser Modes are divided up broadly into thanatronic disruption and matter disruption.

Thanatronic disruption modes interfere with biological processes in many known life-forms, with effects ranging from unconsciousness to instant and total cellular death.

Matter disruption modes briefly alter the charges of particles upon which the maser beam is incident.  The result is a violent explosive effect on targets composed of matter.


Hand Masers

A Type I Maser

A Type I Maser

Type I Masers are small, clicker-style weapons suitable for personal defense in most situations.

Type II Masers are larger, pistol-configured weapons nominally designed for defense but suitable for moderate assault missions.

A Type II Maser

A Type II Maser

Ship-Mounted Masers

Ship mounted masers are generally referred to as “arrays” though there are a number of configurations which these arrays can take.  The most popular are Emitter Strips embedded in the side of a vessel  and Emitter Steles; projections from a vessel whose entire surface is capable of Maser emission.

Ship-Mounted Masers begin at Class VII and go all the way up to Class XII on starships currently in Space Navy service.

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