Lieutenant Gambier - A Pensee Space-Navy Officer

Lieutenant Gambier - A Pensee Space-Navy Officer

The Pensee are a militant, star-faring species of the Alpha and Theta Octants of the galaxy.


The Pensee have been a star-faring species for over a thousand years, though their mastery over Skew Drive systems was still in its infancy when they attacked and decimated another species, the Iridians,  a scant two hundred years ago.  The Pensee met and joined with the United Stellar Commonwealth after a short war and an extremly unusual diplomatic mission.


The Pensee are plant-like beings with small, rootlike bodies and long, fiberous stalks supporting showy, multicolored petals surrounding their reproductive organs.  The Pensee are known to engage in frequent and vigorous pollination, regardless of their level of fertility.  They require ample light and water for photosynthesis under normal circumstances, though they have been known to take nourishment from most foods.

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